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Visual Estimates

Visual Estimates are the most reliable when gathering moving quotes, although you may provide the best information possible over the phone, there are details and items that are sometimes left out. Our agents will provide a rough estimate but will recommend a visual estimate for an accurate quote. There are two visual estimates you can schedule: Onsite Visual Estimate, or a Video Visual Estimate. Our agents will guide you through the Video process; it is simple, and highly recommended by previous customers. Our estimators are available 7-Days a week, 8am - 8pm so we can work around your schedule. If you are unable to schedule a visual estimate, we will be happy to take down a list via email or over the phone. We can also submit pictures.  Be sure to list everything as accurate as possible.

Moving Process

Our moving crew is trained to pack, stack, and load your furniture with professionalism. First, all items with glass/ceramic or anything breakable or fragile must be packed with adequate amount of packing material. The boxes need to be packed to the top. Use a blanket or bubble wrap to finish packing to the top. Second, the furniture must be disassembled and packed with shrink-wrap and moving blankets. All Electronics, Glassware, Breakables, Small Appliances, Decor, Linens, Clothing, and Art-work must be packed with bubble wrap, shrink wrap, in a box or with cardboard. Third, all items are labeled and listed on your "Bill of Lading" and are ready to be loaded. Fourth, please notify on the bill of lading your first available day for delivery. On pick up and on delivery, please help accommodate the truck closest to your home.


Storage Services

30 days of free storage commence on pick up date. You need to request this prior to pick up day. If you are ready for delivery prior to the 30 days, we will notify our dispatch department right away and they will begin the delivery process. There is a monthly storage fee after the first 30 days of your free storage. Fees vary depending on the size of your load, please ask your moving consultant what would your cost be.

Packing & Unpacking

All furniture items that have glass fixtures, mirrors, marble tops, attached do require additional packing material. All items such as Glassware, Dishware, Small Appliances, Decor, Personal Belongings, Electronics, Mirrors, Art work, Fragile Items require additional packing.  If you decide to do the packing yourself, you may purchase packing material at your local Walmart or Uhaul Store. Items to purchase are cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, wrapping paper, thick wrapping paper, and tape. Each packing material has its own purpose. Please check the labels upon purchase to get an idea on how to use your packing material. If you would like for us to help you pack items that need additional packing, please ask about our Full Packing Service, and our Partial Packing Services. Both services are recommended in case you want to avoid doing all the work yourself. Save your back and let our team handle the packing. Our moving team will unpack and remove all the moving blankets from the furniture. If you need help removing packing material or emptying your boxes our team can assist for an additional charge. 

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