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Please let us know if you have any other questions besides the once listed here. 

  • Do I need insurance for my belongings?
    Your Binding Estimate includes limited liability coverage in case damage occurs. Coverage is $0.60 per lbs. for each item up to $10,000.00. For additional coverage, please contact your homeowners or renters' insurance agent.
  • How long does it take for delivery?
    Delivery can take anywhere between 3-21 business days depending on the distance and how soon you will be ready for delivery. However, most deliveries take about 5-14 days. Your moving consultant will provide you with an updated ETA once your shipment has been picked up. Please let your moving consultant know when you will be ready for delivery. Your ETA window begins the day you are ready for delivery, the sooner you are ready to receive your shipment, the sooner we can get it delivered to you. We do provide expedited shipping for certain deliveries.
  • Can I change my move date?
    Yes! You can change your move date if you email and call your moving consultant 1-3 days prior to your move date. We understand things can change.
  • How can I file a claim?
    You can file a claim with the claims department for damage/s to your items, and for missing items. Please be sure to check off every item that is being unloaded from your "Bill of Lading - Inventory List" to keep track of your items. If there are missing items that did not come out of the truck, please make a note to the driver, and make him aware of what is missing. After your delivery is complete, please check all your items for any damages. Once you are done checking, please call your moving consultant and provide the details for your claim. We take pride in making sure nothing gets damaged, and nothing goes missing. There are times that things happen, accidents happen but we work hard to avoid some accidents from happening through training and orientation meetings. During these meetings, the team discuss any incidents and work together to avoid the same incidents from happening.
  • Do I pack my boxes?
    Yes, please pack your boxes and have them ready to go. If you need help packing your boxes, please let your moving consultant know.
  • What is a Binding Estimate?
    A binding estimate indicates that you and your mover are bound by the charges that have been laid out in writing. It guarantees the total cost of the move and is based on the inventoried quantity of items and services requested by you or your mover.
  • Are there any hidden fees?
    We do not have any hidden fees, all fees associated with your move will be added to your Binding Moving Estimate accordingly with your knowledge before signing. Your moving consultant will let you know if any of these fees apply to you. Long Carry: The first 75 ft will be free. Each additional 75ft thereafter will be $75.00. Stairs: 1st flight of stairs (12 steps) at pick up or destination location will be free of charge. Any additional flight of stairs will be charged $75.00. Elevator Fee: Elevator at pick up is free. At delivery there is a one-time fee of $75.00. Shuttle Fee: (Does not apply to everyone and only on delivery) $350.00 minimum for 300cf worth in space. After 300cf there will be an additional charge of $1 per cf. This fee applies if the semi-trailer (18-wheeler) can't access on delivery or on pick up. Bulk Item Fee: This fee ranges between $150 - $350. This is for items that are oversized or fragile and require an exclusive amount of space. Example: Motorcycles, Baby Grand Piano, Grand Father Clock, Kayak, riding lawn-mover and 300lbs + Items.
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